Welcome to the Rubix Services FAQ page. The topics and questions below represent some of the most common issues and questions our merchants have, and is continually updated. Can’t find the question or answer you’re looking for? Please contact the Rubix Services Helpdesk at helpdesk@rubixservices.com


General FAQ

Rubix Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of W. Capra Consulting Group (hyperlink), a well-known consulting company in retail technology and payments. W. Capra has years of experience designing, implementing, and supporting solutions encompassing POS, EMV, PCI, Mobile Payments, Loyalty and Networking.
Rubix works with the prevalent Point-of-Sale (POS) systems including but not limited to VeriFone, Gilbarco, NCR and Comdata.
Rubix will work with your local VASC/ASC or certified equipment installer to coordinate installs or upgrades needed to transition your payment processing to the Rubix platform.
Rubix uses very standard payment processing functionality for this industry and all of the prevalent POS platforms have compatible software versions. If you have unique programs or proprietary cards, we can test them. Rubix Services has a QA Lab setup with myriad POS, network devices, and card types and can test any setup prior to install to ensure success and limited downtime.
Rubix Services can work with you on becoming PCI Compliant. We can help you complete the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and can recommend service providers to help with scanning and/or remediation.
Chargebacks due to fraud have increased tremendously, impacting sites that are not set up to accept EMV inside. EMV outside compliance is not far away. Our Roadmap discussion will address your needs and options. We will leverage our relationships with POS providers, payment processors, and card brands to help keep your business informed of upcoming compliance dates and availability of software versions.
Rubix Services works with a wide variety of network providers including but not limited to Cybera, Control Scan (Echosat), Hughes, and Mako. If you utilize something else, we are happy to test that in our QA Lab.
Rubix Services will serve as a trusted advisor to your business, and will always work to resolve issues that are impacting your payment processing or settlement. Further, we are always willing to have conversations to help with decisions related to POS, network, or other payment related solutions that may help your business.
As an affiliate of W. Capra Consulting Group, we can advise you on mobile applications and can assist you with selecting and implementing a mobile application for consumer engagement and payment. This typically entails additional fees for the consulting and project services.